Oculus sold for $2bn to Facebook

Only a couple of weeks after buying Whatsapp for $19 billion Facebook went for some shopping yet again. This time widening the company Oculus VR, yes Facebook is getting involved with virtual reality.

Facebook paid $2 billion for Oculus which most famous for the virtual gaming device Oculus Rift and mainly funded by Kickstarter campaigns.

Mark Zuckerberg said “Oculus has the potential to be the most social platform ever… Imagine sharing not just moments with your friends online, but entire experiences and adventures.”

Many investors might be thrilled with the Facebook deal however everything is not all good news.

Minecraft creator Markus Persson tweeted this as a reaction “We were in talks about maybe bringing a version of Minecraft to Oculus. I just cancelled that deal. Facebook creeps me out.”

Persson continued to write about the deal on his blog “Facebook is not a company of grass-roots tech enthusiasts. Facebook is not a game tech company. Facebook has a history of caring about building user numbers, and nothing but building user numbers”

A business plan for Oculus has yet not been decided, but it is stated that the focus will lay on gaming for now.   

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